Are you guys any good?
Ha, ha. Good question. Yes. We’re the best in town. We are the company of choice for many Liquor Brands that have events in L.A., because of our superior skills and understanding of Mixology. Many other event companies that supply bartenders will generally just check out the way the bartender looks and their resume and send them out to work for them. All our bartenders have to go through basic Mixology training first. We don’t care what their resume says, we need them to understand some of the basics of what we consider Mixology. There are quite a few bars that understand and practice Mixology, but when it comes to Private Event Mixology: We Are The Champions my friends…

Are you all British?
Our company was started by a Brit, who employed some of his friends who also happened to be British. It seems that our name encouraged mostly Brits to apply for jobs with us. We definitely specialize in having lots of British staff and you can surely request a Brit or a team of Brits for your event. We’ve always just hired the best people whether British or not. As we grew so rapidly we actively looked for the best people and found we ended up with something close to “International Bartenders”. From Americans and Brits, to Latin and French, we’ve certainly developed a reputation for being able to provide high quality staff who can speak specific languages or have specific accents to fit themed events. We’re mostly British but not only British. Our focus is hiring the best people.

Are you the cheapest or the most expensive?
We are neither. We are likely somewhere in the middle. We also don’t add automatic gratuity. We prefer our clients to pay gratuity at their discretion. We have no interest in being the cheapest in town. We don’t believe there are that many staff that can reach our standard, so we keep our team as big as it needs to be and pay them more than many other companies. They deserve it. If you’re looking for the cheapest in town, it’s worth thinking about what insurance they have.

Are you insured?
Yes we are. We work with many liquor brands and high profile clients. We have:
1.    General Liability
2.    Liquor Liability
3.    Workers Compensation
So relax and enjoy your event. Instead of worrying whether that guy you hired “under the table” is going to break something or hurt himself. Our Liquor Liability policy is something most companies in town don’t have. It’s bloody expensive, that’s why!

Can I choose my bartender from pictures?
Sure. We only have pictures of some of our staff on the website and not all of them. Not all our staff are actors or models, so they don’t necessarily have professional pics. Some companies in town specialize in good looking staff. That’s their only selling point. Only problem is that’s often all their staff have to offer. We don’t think that’s much of a novelty. We’re in L.A: You expect your bartender to look good. We specialize in Brits, Mixology and cocktail crafting. Not models who don’t want to get their fingernails dirty or don’t have personality. Our staff are definitely all attractive, but they have so much more to offer. If you see a picture of someone you like on the site, you can surely request them and we’ll do our best to get them for you. However even if they are available when you book with us, they might not be able to work on the day for some reason, so we’d send you someone else in their place. Consider this: – A picture doesn’t tell the whole story. We see it all the time when we interview people. We imagine them to be a certain way and when we meet them they have a totally different vibe. Tell us what you’re looking for and trust us to send you the right person. We know our staff so much better than a picture can convey. We’ll surely send you someone attractive – They’ll also have personality and be able to make great drinks.

What do you bring?
Our bartenders will bring the tools needed for making basic drinks. Cocktail shakers, strainers, bar spoons etc. If you are planning to prepare some sort of specialty drink yourself, be sure to let us know so we can make sure we have any special tools required. If you are booking our Mixology service, we will obviously discuss with you what we’re going to make and make sure we have everything required.