Mixology Service
Specialty Cocktails

This is the best private event cocktail service in town.
This is our premium service, for those who want the ultimate in specialty cocktails.

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1. The Full Monty (Most Expensive)
Have us take care of everything.
We will:
Organize full bar service.
Bars and other rentals if required
Specialty drinks
Glassware or Plasticware
Everything else bar related.

2. Just Cocktails. (Least Expensive)
We prepare just the specialty drinks. You provide everything else (including liquor) you want to be served.
We will:
Help you decide on specialty drinks. Tell you what liquor to buy. Source all the other specialty cocktail ingredients. Perfectly measure and make a Prebatch of each cocktail (Prebatch is all of the cocktail ingredients mixed together, except the alcohol)
Transfer the Prebatch to elegant glass bottles.
Deliver the batches of cocktails to the event.
Prebatching the drinks this way makes it so much faster to create each cocktail at the event . This is because we only have to add the liquor to the prebatch to make each drink. Rather than add liquor to multiple ingredients to make each drink.
We will charge you for the shopping, prebatch preparation, delivery and the cost of ingredients.

What is Mixology?
Mixology is more than just making drinks. It’s crafting cocktails. Our Mixologists understand that there are no new drinks, just new ingredients. They understand that most new drinks are based on old templates and that the secret to creating great new cocktails, is knowing the classic ones. With this knowledge, Mixologists can create a drink tailored to your needs, on the spot. Rather than just throwing the ingredients you like together and hoping it will work, the Mixologist will know exactly what to make.
The term Mixology has been around for a very long time, but has recently become popular again.
Once upon a time, the Bartender was a highly respected professional. A center of the community who took the craft of the cocktail seriously. Then came prohibition. It was forbidden to manufacture or sell alcoholic drinks in America. The best American bartenders left the country and took their flair, passion and expertise with them. For years the art of making drinks was lost. It simply became a case of delivering alcohol to the customer in the easiest manner. Mainly at illegal bars known as speakeasies. The quality of alcohol and cocktails was very poor. After prohibition ended, the quality of spirits consistently improved, but Bartenders who were serious professionals and cocktail artists, had mostly died out.
Fortunately in recent years, the art of the bar has returned. There is a new wave of bartenders who are passionate about the art of the cocktail. Spirits are now produced better than ever, and with the return to using fresh ingredients, a new golden age of cocktail making is upon us. Many of those who share this passion and way of thinking call themselves Mixologists. We love the term and embrace it. The term Mixology is open to interpretation, but this is what it means to us.

The best fresh Ingredients:
The Mixologist must think like a chef. No great chef would try to create a great meal with poor ingredients. This is quite simply the most important place to start. Premium spirits and fresh fruits, or even vegetables! If anyone brings sweet & sour mix within 50 feet of our bar, we will call the police.

There is nothing worse than a drink that is too sweet or too sour right? That’s why our Mixologists understand how important balance is and will craft amazingly, well balanced cocktails.  A perfectly balanced cocktail will please almost everyone, and for the small number of people who like their drink a little more sweet or sour, our Mixologists know just how to adjust it perfectly.

Precision & Consistency:
So how do you take the best fresh ingredients, and keep making the same great balanced cocktails over and over again? You measure the ingredients! If you have a great recipe, the way to keep repeating it over and over again is to measure. A lot of bartenders today will tell you that they are great at free-pouring and they don’t need to measure. They’ll tell you they’ve been doing it for years and can simply guess the exact amount every time. The thing is it’s almost impossible to consistently be that accurate every time without measuring. We actually know a bartender who is amazingly accurate. In a free-pour test he will consistently free-pour within 1/16 oz. That’s incredible. He’s a rarity though, and even he doesn’t do it every time. We measure. We are adept at using jiggers (measuring cups). Sometimes you’ll see people use these in bars and more often than not it’s to keep their profit margins high by not pouring you too much alcohol. To be fair, often it’s to protect the customer from consuming too much alcohol in one go, which has to be applauded in our book as this is one of the reasons we do it. We also do it for perfect balance between the alcohol and the sweet and sour ingredients.

Passion & Creativity:
Passion drives Mixology. Our team knows that they will never know it all and that’s what spurs them on and keeps them excited. Constantly discovering old and new drinks which inspire them to create more new cocktails. The boundaries are limitless…
Others may plan to merely ply you with alcohol and get you drunk.
Our mission is to give you and your guests the cocktail experience of your life!

“OMG that’s heaven! When you get to heaven, that’s what they hand you!”  – Mrs K. Campos describing one of our creations.